Rosehill Songwriting

Inspired by Oliver Messel’s Sleeping Beauty

 I’ve had a wonderful relationship with Rosehill Theatre over the past few years, delivering singing and music workshops in coastal schools with limited access to the arts.

I worked with 5 groups of children to create new songs based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. We took Oliver Messel, who designed Rosehill theatre, as our starting point, looking at his innovative and intricate ballet costume designs and imagining what the various fairytale characters would have been like.

Four Fairies – inspired by some of the Fairy Godmothers and their gifts

A Spring Princess – inspired by the Princess Aurora

A Winter Prince – inspired by Prince Florimund

Flying High – inspired by the Bluebird Pas de Deux

Shall We Dance? – inspired by the Puss in Boots & White Cat Pas de Deux

Oliver Messel’s costume designs for the Lilac Fairy, Songbird Fairy, and Woodland Fairy